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Summer Deal!

KOMATSU 380-8 2021 1700hrs

Why is it a great deal?
Because there is a ____ month/year back order for 380s.
This is the last of the ready to go 380-8 we have seen for a while.
New today $305,000
The 2021 value is $240K 1700hrs.
Includes forks 12k.
Warranty to 1 Oct 2024 up to 4000hr
Very clean
The rest is like new.
The latest features include bucket ride hydraulic suspension.
Today’s price is $230K

Equipment Delivery Options & Transport Options are available throughout Utah & Northern Arizona.


Summer Deal!

CAT 323F 2016 5700hrs

Why is it a great deal?
Because is has grade control
Very clean.
New today $305,000
The 2016 value is $160K 5700hrs.
Features includes…Call for details and see it near Cedar City airport today.
Today’s price is $146K.

Equipment Delivery Options & Transport Options are available throughout Utah & Northern Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Big X Equip, we get many questions about our equipment sales in Cedar City, UT. Construction tools come in all sizes and functions. Knowing what will work best for the job is essential. There are different factors to consider when deciding about your next construction or demolition project. Because every piece of equipment handles differently, it’s vital that you understand the conditions and requirements of your project.

Choosing the best equipment starts with identifying the needs of your project. Consider the project’s cost and scope, the job site’s conditions, the construction equipment’s size, and the types of attachments you need. Keep in mind whether everyone working on the job site knows how to use the equipment and if it requires any special training or certification.

Backhoes and excavators differ in size, versatility, and rotation. Excavators are larger, heavier, and more suited for large-scale industrial projects such as demolition and mining. The chassis and arm rotate together in a complete circle. Backhoes are smaller and can be driven on roads. A backhoe’s arm pivots in a limited range of 200 degrees. This versatile tool is better for farming, snow removal, loading, and medium-scale construction.

When it comes to heavy lifting, knowing your limits is important. Your machine’s lift capacity is based on weight, the center of gravity, lift point position, hydraulic capability, and tipping stability. Consult a capacity chart to ensure you can lift your load safely. You can determine how much reach you need by considering the following:

  • Job specifics
  • Weight of material
  • How high do you need to dump
  • Width of doorways or gates
  • Weight restrictions and floor load limitations
  • Ground conditions and pressure restrictions
  • Equipment transportation

Large bulldozers have powerful engines for digging and excavating rock and roots. Heavy-duty machines have limited digging depth but can move materials up to 11 feet deep. They are best for pushing medium to compact-density materials. Smaller bulldozers can push more weight and are ideal for smaller jobs such as clearing backyards. Customizable bulldozers get the specific features you need and change attachments for different tasks.

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