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Summer Deal!

KOMATSU 380-8 2021 1700hrs

Why is it a great deal?
Because there is a ____ month/year back order for 380s.
This is the last of the ready to go 380-8 we have seen for a while.
New today $305,000
The 2021 value is $240K 1700hrs.
Includes forks 12k.
Warranty to 1 Oct 2024 up to 4000hr
Very clean
The rest is like new.
The latest features include bucket ride hydraulic suspension.
Today’s price is $230K

Equipment Delivery Options & Transport Options are available throughout Utah & Northern Arizona.


Summer Deal!

CAT 323F 2016 5700hrs

Why is it a great deal?
Because is has grade control
Very clean.
New today $305,000
The 2016 value is $160K 5700hrs.
Features includes…Call for details and see it near Cedar City airport today.
Today’s price is $146K.

Equipment Delivery Options & Transport Options are available throughout Utah & Northern Arizona.

Big X Equip Supplies Southern Utah Development

With Utah’s fast-growing population, Big X Equip is here to help keep up with new construction, land developments, highway and road projects. Saint George and Cedar City are seeing the uprise of major new building projects, including parks and trails, new schools, and new businesses. Utah needs quality construction equipment now more than ever, and we’re here to make it happen.

cat excavator

More People, More Jobs, More Construction

Utah is currently one of the nation’s fastest-growing state economies. Over the last five years, the population of the Saint George area alone had a significant population growth of 20% and a business growth of 30%. This increase in population also incurred an expansion of demographic work. All these move-ins bring in new construction, new businesses, and new jobs that help promote an improving economy. That’s why our company is ready to supply top-notch excavating and construction equipment. We help Utah builders looking to get a head start in this booming industry by supplying the tools they need.

Superior Construction for Fast-Growing Communities

With increased workers and building permits, the area demands fast-growing jobs in construction, trade, transportation, and utilities. The Saint George metro area has seen a nearly yearly 4% increase in annual gross domestic products. The state’s significant demographic growth opens doors to new home development and construction opportunities. Our company helps move forward with this growth by providing the communities of Southern Utah with reliable equipment, machinery, and technology for excavation and construction projects.

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